Simplistic Blog Setup

Published on August 31, 2022


If you want to do self hosted, and maintain self without any third parties. You should have this workflow due to following reasons

Finally it’s what you are and what your values and what’s your small point in the world. You can be best at single point! Blog enables you to do this, another is it’s much valuable than instragram. (except when you’re influencer)

Think yourself over a minute, would you see those photos. Or you see towards the end, what you have contributed to the world!

Kanban Github


  1. Github Account for platform login and signup. You can then follow on how to setup a blog with Generating static jekyll site on Github
  2. Github Desktop is used to pull cloud date to local site to edit.
  3. Obsedian another good tool, to organise thy notes and write it well. It has so many plugins for writers as well as programmers. Once you’re done you can use Github Desktop to push back to cloud. (yes it’s autosave!)

This is rought, but if you want to get in depth. You defintely need one time support, feel free to DM. I know few people, who can enable a platform for you to do this seemless! 😌

Now my updation of blog, is writing/duplicating a file, writing and clicking on a button

Update with Single Click using Github Desktop

P.S. This blog is also made with above tools.