Your family member missed that item, you asked?

Published on June 10, 2022


Shopping and reminder is cucumber-some, if something is urgent we will buy it. But with more busyness in life, we may miss something that is not urgent or that is not important.

Only import & urgent once, we do usually on demand. How does your family members, make sure that you don’t miss any items?


Alexa, add it to shopping list!

Yes, that’s it. We have Alexa installed in each our mobile handsets. We ask Alexa, what’s is in shopping list.

With one tap of mobile,

Alexa, add shampoo to grocery list!

With one tap of mobile,

Alexa, read grocery list!

Alexa, mark item shampoo in my grocery list!

And , it’s out of shopping list. So whenever any family member of us, goes out. We use mostly Alexa! (including my mom)

P.S. Well most of us!

How you can do it?

Enable, shortcut. Say Alexa or ok google! whatever…!

Hope you like it, gives a thumbs up!