Avoid wasting time on emails

Published on July 23, 2022

So, one part of being a lead engineer is dealing with scale of problems head on. It’s only possible via system/environment that automatically helps you to do so. All of my environment, either work or life - makes me productive. It’s recent, I been struggling with these problems with email plaforms.

  1. Due to volume of emails coming, important ones gets subside
  2. Missed reverting on few email threads, that needs revert.
  3. Categorizing acc. to sender’s name
  4. Categorizing bills, news feed, reports …
  5. Dirty overload of huge unreads!

One way as suggested with my friend, is too give 2 hours to inbox cleaning every weekend. But honestly, I never did this before. It’s like cleaning two inboxes, one with 12 years of history another work email for the first time! (like haunted place)

Being in tech , I tried to compare cost v/s time. I know the value of time, so I avoid writing most programs and settle for paid versions. Recently evaluting following inboxes like -> Superhuman, InstaClean, Heymail and Sanebox.

I stick to Sanebox, due to following factors

  1. They provide you not just a software, but a system so that you will have a zero inbox daily.
  2. You drag and drop, and the software automatically learns it.
  3. Check emails, that were missing reverts
  4. Check emails, which needs revert (different section)
  5. BCC to one of the emails, and you set reminders in email as well.
  6. Cost comparison, most economical tool out there. (Yes, I have used AlternativeTo as well to find other tools)

Other things, after taking a demo I got discount, 3 months extension, as well as beta trial. If you’re interested! DM

See yourself for 1 month trial, if you use [this link] ( Let me know your comments, would be happy to answer any questions! I don’t know about you, but I am happy.

Less time to email, more time to life!

Update after 1 week

My work inbox has ~1000 emails, now it’s back to zero.

Zero inbox screenshot