Easy to setup birthday reminders, for personal or groups

Published on July 31, 2022

If you also don’t use facebook, or difficult to remember birthday. You can use this trick as well!

Use cases

  1. Private Birthday reminders (for friends)
  2. My family members birthday (for family members)

For Private birthday event, it’s easy to set once in google calender and woosh you’re done! For Creating

For Family members, there is something known as “Family Group” at google, set this once. Now create one more event , and add “Family”. Whole family members would be notified!

Sample showing calender event

(optional use case 3) How about a friend’s birthday in one of your groups?

Important ones , we remember! Others, we can set among group memebers by adding their email id while creating the event. Thus, one time manual event (with recurring setting) can save future sake.