Rewriting amazon price tracker after 2+ years, as a public service

Published on March 31, 2020


  1. Authentication
  2. Abilibity to add link quickly to the task (and avoid duplicate)
  3. Ability to view their alerts
  4. Ability to alert on product availibility

These things were not there in :v1, because it was only intended to alerts customers - a python solution dockerized in a container integrated with Google sheets as database.


  1. Use django for user roles, item as for metadata. Provide, django templates available as a login portal (yes this can be also done with ROR with devise)
  2. Chrome Extension example, that send a given page link to django application.
  3. Django would provide, views to see and add alerts.
  4. Running version 1, with this new meta-data backend!

Tada!!! As you see, it’s built on top!


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